"I have exactly what 

you didn't know you 

were looking for."                                                    -tango

Do you want to learn to dance? Make friends? Have fun? Learn something new, or just get some exercise? Want better balance and coordination? An opportunity to explore music and culture? An outlet for creative expression? To understand yourself better? Do you need more confidence? Discipline? Focus? Thinking of trying meditation? Looking for romance? Are you shy? Bored? Lost? Are we still talking about tango? 

Yes - tango is a dance, a culture, a physical exercise and a psychological and emotional introspection. This will not only be a tango lesson, it will be an exercise in concentration, introspection, patience, and humility. You cannot fake tango. You cannot rush it.  You need to feel it for real.  Yes there is music, yes there are friends, yes it's fun. But tango is not just a dance. 

Whatever your problems or questions in life, they will be revealed and amplified in tango. They will demand your attention and beg for resolution, and through this, you will perfect your dance and you will learn about yourself. Tango might sometimes be your worst enemy and sometimes your best friend, but it will always show you the answers, and will always be your greatest teacher!